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HHDG Media Inc. Interview with SoloDaBeyonda

What came to be a conversation with Texas-based producer SoloDaBeyonda aka DaBeyonda (via his hometown of Boston, MA) sparked by me properly tagging his Twitter account on my post for his work ("Money Train") with Gold Chain Music member TriState's 2024 EP Air Max King II gave life to the interview you are about to witness...

Is Texas currently your home? Were you born and raised in Boston, MA?

I currently live in Texas, I grew up in Boston my earlier years growing up, my family is from out there and NYC.

When did you decide to add Solo to your name as you have been credited as Da Beyonda?

Honestly just figured that's my full production name SoloDaBeyonda, it was always SoloDabeyonda. I got the Dabeyonda from Marvels Comics The Beyonder, 1990s Spider-Man cartoon, The secret wars 6 part series of the cartoon, but either or SoloDaBeyonda or DaBeyonda. The government is Solomon so that's where the Solo comes from.

From your name I have to ask...Are you a Star Wars fan? And if so give the origin of how your name was created, selected along with favorite film and series.

I'm a huge star wars fan I grew up on early 2000s prequels saw them in theatres as a kid, I always say I'm a Jedi Master on the Native Instruments Maschine which is one of the main hardware I use for production, and one of  the producer homies coined that phrase for me Jedi Master DOPEYONDA, so ran with it has a nice ring to it I feel.

Are you proficient in any other instruments?

I'm good at playing drums and piano, I'm getting into bass guitar for my baselines.

As a producer who does the damn thing chopping soul samples, did you grow up listening to a lot of Soul music?

Soul Music was and is my life, I grew up with the records in the house like Gladys Knight and The pips, Impressions, The O-Jays, Aretha Franklin a lot of Detroit Motown Soul, DC Soul and Jazz records.

What other genres did you grow up listening to?

I was big on 2000s Hip Hop and R&B, I loved and still do the early James Bond movies  soundtracks were a thing of gold. My thing has actually been sampling a lot of 50s-70s movie soundtracks, when I'm not sampling soul records mostly, and also the 90s R&B and 70s Prog Rock records.

Did/Do you play any sports?

Amateur Boxing and Kickboxing.

Tell us what sets you apart from other producer's sound and style?

I sound like me, but the influences are there, when you hear my beats I'm versatile in my production style.

What keeps you inspired to produce?

I would say the biggest influence on my production style has to actually be Philly Soul, the genre, the sound. Gamble and Huff, were geniuses.

Which producers of any genre do you like past and present?

I'm big on Black Milk, Khrysis, Nottz, Erick Sermon, Madlib, J Dilla, Dj Premier, Marco Polo, Havoc and Praise just to name a few.

A producer is a musician and the equipment used is their instrument. What do you say to those who try to discredit sampling?

Sampling is very important to hip hop and to music honestly most music draws inspiration from other genres. Those claiming sampling isn't original have no clue what they are saying. When a producer samples he is literally turning that sample into a new sound when he's chopping and flipping. I will continue to sample till I die lol.

Who is in your bucket list of people in music to work with? (Emcee, Producer, Singer, Live Instrumentalist, etc).

I'd love to work with Havoc, Ghostface Killah, Smiff-N-Wessun, Elzhi and many more.

If you had to chose which would you complete stay dedicated to: Video Games or Comic Books?

I can't choose between video games and comic books, lol I gotta have both.

You have expressed being a big fan of the Mortal Kombat video game series. Which is your favorite video game?

I love Mortal Kombat, I think my favorite video game series is Gears Of War, and Marvel vs Capcom.

Who is your favorite producer out of 9th Wonder's The Soul Council?

My favorite producer from 9th Soul Council is Nottz and Khrysis, Amp too is very dope.

Khrysis "It's The Beat Critiques" on Twitch is a great home for producers to network and hear what ya'll have to share, provide opinions, etc. Not many places have this. Shoutout to DJ Missile out of Bangkok, Thailand who has a "Missile Beat Launch" series via Twitch as well that I tune into. How has the Beat Critiques community been since you have been active playing your music there?

The support has been very dope doing Khrysis beat critique 3 times now, I love the atmosphere for up and coming producers.

You've been using the Maschine for some time now, is this what you started with and if not what other equipment/software have you used?

My production tools hardware and software and Maschine Mk3 and Plus, Komplete Kontrol, and also My Mpc 2000XL currently using Maschine 2.0 Daw, Pro Tools.

How long have you known and worked with Jakk Wonders and Boston's Price Stylez?

I came into the game doing samples as far as finding records for Jakk Wonders to produce for other artists, from there linked up with the bro Price Stylez, rest has been history.

Can we expect more music with you and Price Stylez?

Yes. My Brother Price Stylez from Boston is one of the dopest emcees to touch the mic. 

Old School or New School martial films and why?

I love old school 70s and 80s Kung Fu flicks, Black exploitation (Blaxploitation) joints as well.

Which martial arts film no matter what time of day or how you are feeling will you put on to watch?

5 Deadly Venoms you can put on and all the Wu-Tang samples by RZA just come running by you in each scene.

What is a typical conversation like when you speak with U.K.'s KelzWithThaHeat?

Kelz has been like family to me and we bounce ideas back n forth each other, hes one of my very good friends and a very talented producer as well.

What is your first official production credit?

First production credit is on a Price Stylez song. (Check the 2019 Black Mass: Reloaded album)

Tell us how you linked up with the dope lyricist of Gold Chain Music, TriState, as well as Killa Kali (also reppin' Poison Ring Regime)?

As far as Killa Kali and Tri-State we linked from them growing a liking of my sound and post from IG.

What else can we expect in 2024 from SoloDaBeyonda?

You can expect a lot coming from me, a lot of surprises in store. More to come with me and Price Stylez, Ice Grill, Tri-State, Killa Kali, NapsNDreds, Reks, Buff 1 and many more.

Let everyone know where to follow you to stay tuned for more dope production from you and also where to support your music?

Check Me out on Instagram: solodabeyonda and YouTube: solodabeyonda20, and on X same solodabeyonda20

Thank you SoloDaBeyonda for speaking with HHDG Media Inc. We look forward to hearing more production from you as mentioned very soon.

Stay tuned for more written interviews on HHDG Media Inc. website. Until then check our Linktree.


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