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Nasaan featuring Royce 5'9" - Goated (Produced by Nasaan) (Music Video Directed & Edited by Nasaan)

Updated: Apr 11

A consistent amount of music has been bestowed upon us with plenty of complimentary visuals by Westside Detroit, MI Emcee/Videographer/Director/Producer, Actor Nasaan (Assemble Sound, Atlantic Records and son of Big Proof) in recent years. "Dirty Soap" music video from his 2019 debut EP Kiss of Karma (via Def Jam Records) is one of the earliest music videos I can remember. His laptop was stolen in Oakland, CA while touring over a year ago containing lots of music. One being his soon to be released album. You think that discouraged the young creative thinker? Absolutely not! His consistent array of visuals and music released has nullified any negative energy surrounding the ordeal. Proving no bad occurrence can keep such a creative, humorous, diversely skilled and talented young man down. The drive and resilience expressed in Nasaan's foray of acting, musical style, content, delivery, directing, filming, video editing and more continue the lane he has created. "Sexy Love (Freestyle)", "Cullinan Gang" (featuring Icewear Vezzo (Detroit, MI)), "Pass The Courvoisier (Freestyle), "RUBBING OFF", "Rich PPL" and "Code Red" are just most of the 2023 to 2024 videos that show Nasaan's creative freedom, personality and expression visually.

Those songs lead up to the 18th anniversary of his Father, Big Proof's transitioning (April 11, 2006) day with the release "Goated" featuring fellow Detroit wordsmith and curator of the Detroit Pistons/J Dilla clothing collaboration retail capsule, Royce 5'9". If you have been privy to Nasaan's work behind the camera and editing you know the mastermind is at work here (also on production). With the visuals Nasaan's creativity is on fully display here from scenes, transitions, acting, choreography with many Big Proof and Eminem fans appreciating the tribute as well in the music video. The often uptempo bass striking track with hints of ad-libs, short vocal samples sounding like breathing has a balance through a fluid change of pace by way of the string instruments family sounding so cinematic on an emotional day. Perfectly coordinated for an already special/personal day to be remembered continues on with Nasaan shouting R.I.P. BIG PROOF through "Goated" (Music Video Directed and Edited/Song Produced by Nasaan).

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Music Video Credits:

Director/Editor: NASAAN

DP: David (Vidi)

Samba Producers: Robb Sharp & Day Rickett

AC 1: Brett Maru

AC 2: Saif Mahmud

Gaffer: David (Vidi) Samba

Key Grip: Sam Guida

Casting: Keefer (Stachehouse Productions LLC)

BTS: Stone Banks, Robb Sharp, Saif Mahmud

Colorist: Patrick Sexton

Skull Crushing 3D Effects: Keyhole 3D Effects: Ben Webber (PrePost 3D)

Production Company: UNPAUSE STUDIOS

Actors: Royce Da 5'9", A’vree Garbalinski, Meridian Puerto, Quaminique Macklin, Dezarae Lile, Angelina Diaz, Ace Aaron, Keyanni Belle, Antonio Alicea, Arian Foster, September Storms, Eli Jacobe aka Jesus Smokes, Angel Mcintosh, Rayshon Gore-Willis, Ghoso Hard, Brittany “Lux” Alexander, Rodnita Dawson, Maurice E Starks, Joshua Shelley, Mario Delva, Eric Evenson, Catalina Williams, Tia Goodman, Mala Adeyemi, Roc Legend, Ganesha Curie, Rafael Ross Jr., Adonis Stewart, Kairo Evans, Jasmyn Bailey, Edward Broom III, Stone Banks, Sam Guida, Bryan Iglesias, Jillian Anderson, Seth Anderson, Maddie Sparks, Robb Sharp

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