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TriState - Air Max King II (Album)

On October 29, 2023, Gold Chain Music members Piff James and K. Burns celebrated with their Birthday Concert at Kingsland (Brooklyn, N.Y.). While in attendance I had a conversation with Supreme Cerebral (Gold Chain Music/The Dart Unit) and MidaZ the BEAST (Gold Chain Music) that night. They both expressed stories of preparation in the studio as they are always on their A-game sharp and precise yet even more so with Los Angeles lyrical juggernaut TriState also of Gold Chain Music or get left behind. The music speaks for itself and he continues honoring the annual Air Max Day (March 26th) by following up 2023's boastful project with the second installment and not duplicated Air Max King II released on March 26, 2024. If you have been paying attention to TriState's Instagram page then you have witnessed his fly Air Max collection in various flavors each day during the month of March.

Aside from a pengame to always praise. Another standout skill from the LA veteran that continues to hold true is his ear and selection of producers. TriState enlists the talents of Crate Chef, Premethius, Baptiste Hayden and SoloDaBeyonda who have you tapping those illustrious Air Max sneakers among other rhythmic body movements. Joining one of GCM's finest are guests like Planet Asia (Gold Chain Music) with amazing teamplay tradeoffs on "No Look Pass" over Premethius production. Big Twins of IM3/Infamous Mobb/InFmS Beers fam laces up with his raspy gutter style on the lead single "Jokes On You" produced by Crate Chef. NuNasa gets comfortable in his perfectly sized rarities with references of Miles (Davis), Jazz and El DeBarge as the jazz-infused energy resonates of the eye-grabbing fashion attire provided by Baptiste Hayden ignited with horns and drums on "All Dat Jazz". An onslaught over a Crate Chef banger with Hus Kingpin (The Winners/Tha Connection) and Rome Streetz (Bad InflueNYCe/Griselda Records) ends the air bubble-laced project with final track "Expensive Aura". The Air Max King is a mastermind showcasing his guests who wouldn't be part of this musical commemoration of the iconic Nike sneaker if he didn't feel their level of lyricism wouldn't be on par. Nothing is left unturned by TriState over eight tracks on Air Max King II with the fly schemes, beats, content and diversely colorful display of lyricism as the Air Max King's collection grows with part two. Salute the crisp sounds of the second album in the series by Crate Chef, Baptiste Hayden and iZZNYCE with an overall evaluation and adjustments for the final engineering run. As the sneaker enthusiast/collector celebrates Air Max Day, TriState also creates an enjoyable event for twenty-six minutes and two seconds in Air Max King II that's replayed as often as you can switch up your signature colorways and rare kicks.

"Street preacher, corner store hustler, my aura is eureka I'm slinging to the customers. Stop fronting. I'll send the cavalry to hit your function with so many drums you swear we play percussion." - TriState on "MollyWop Slang"

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And be sure to check out Air Max King I as well. Learn more about TriState and hear why he is the Air Max King through his 2023 interview with HHDG Media Inc....HERE

Artwork by TriState & Monotone

1. MollyWop Slang (Prod. by Crate Chef) 02:36

2. No Look Pass Feat. Planet Asia (Prod. by Premethius) 02:56

3. Water Whirl (Prod. by Crate Chef) 03:57

4. Jokes On You Feat. Big Twins (Prod. by Crate Chef) 04:06

5. Creative Superhero (Prod. by Baptiste Hayden) 02:34

6. All Dat Jazz Feat. NuNasa (Prod. by Baptiste Hayden) 02:47

7. Money Train (Prod. by SoloDaBeyonda) 02:39

8. Expensive Aura Feat. Rome Streetz & Hus Kingpin  (Prod. by Crate Chef) 04:24

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