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The Architect (of Homeliss Derelix) - Beat Tape Vol. 2

Whenever the Homeliss Derilex member, The Architect releases instrumentals or beat tapes I just zone out and enjoy a master at work. Have you heard 87 CAZAL BEAT TAPE or the instrumentals to Killa Kali's project with The Architect titled KINGS KROWN PT.2? Those are just a mere glimpse into the mind of an experienced highly talented producer who continues creating in his gifted craft. March 19, 2024 the Bay Area, CA Producer proved Beat Tape Vol. 2 is no different from the aforementioned. Click play as your ears eagerly tuned in to the five tracks bestowed upon your mind with the essence of Hip Hop surging through you.

Listen, Share and Support below.

1.beat tape trk 1 06:08

2.beat tape trk 2 04:24

3.beat tapr trk 3 04:02

4.beat tape trk 4 03:07

5.beat tape trk 5 03:34

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