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SteamBoi - As The Gear Turns (Album)

Columbus, OH is one of those cities that has always had birthed talented musicians from it's soil no matter the genre. From Jazz Trumpeter, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Doo Wop legend, Bobby Hendricks to some of Hip Hop's well knowns in the mainstream, as well as independent scene such as J. Rawls, Bizzy Bone, Blueprint and the influential group MHz (Jakki Da Motamouth, RJD2, Camu Tao (RIP), Copywrite, Tage Future). Raised on 1990's Boom Bap, the Columbus native, SteamBoi aka Black Gear (Black Gear Productions) influence comes from a range of producers that put their name on the map from the ground on up in music from Pete Rock, RZA, J DIlla, Nujabes (RIP), Madlib and more, yet one Ohio producer/emcee (Cincinnati to be exact) provided the ignition to begin his production career. That producer is none other than Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician, who I discovered through the group Five Deez and created memorable music for the outstanding anime Samurai Champloo with Nujabes and Force of Nature.

SteamBoi showed his enjoyment of not only the anime Mushishi, yet also it's music by creating his debut beat tape Strange Nature in 2014. Throughout the years anime such as Noir, Lupin The 3rd, Gundam to name a few along with video games, cartoons, crime mystery combined and an affinity for Hip Hop nurture the enhancing skills in SteamBoi's production song after song, and beat tape after beat tape. Take a journey through projects SteamBoi vs Lupin The 3rd, It's A Peanuts Beat Tape, Charlie Brown! and Ladykillers witness his influence and style of production. These are the building blocks interlocked with inspiration by such great producer's solo compilation albums that SteamBoi references "Pete Rock’s Soul Survivor. The Alchemist’s 1st Infantry. Peanut Butter Wolf’s My Vinyl Weighs A Ton. Marco Polo’s Port Authority. J Dilla’s The Shining. All of Statik Selektah’s solo albums." to create his first compliation album titled As The Gear Turns on November 14, 2023. Like a horologist who's understanding and precision with time is vital to the functionality of clocks and watches, the Ohio native meticulously left no gear unturned. Showcasing his hard work on full display with the inner workings established by talented emcees on nearly every track and always the key component in Hip Hop, the DJ. Artists Flyness-N-The-Flesh, Aramis616, Kadesh Flow, Creative Mind Frame, Symphonic Pheenix Force, Gross Angel, An Hobbes, Johnny Five thePhilospher, Gr3ys0n, Swell Rell, Reasun, Dereos Roads, Relly Rellz, Only One Ronin, Noveliss, Cosmic Crusader, SeraphGuard, JuleUnique, VersaTilla, White Lotus and Cryptic One grace the interconnecting orchestration with defining cuts/scratches by Aramis616, Bill Beats, DJ Guney Urgulu, Tone Spliff, DJ Bombeardo on As The Gear Turns. SteamBoi aims to have his steambeats be a pinnacle again and again like his inspirators have done and continue to do for him.

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1. K's Intro 01:31

2. Hi-Post feat. Flyness-N-The-Flesh 03:56

3. The Illest feat. Aramis616 02:40

4. Big Improvements feat. Kadesh Flow 03:12

5. C.T.H. feat. Creative Mind Frame 03:02

6. New Heights feat. Symphonic Pheenix Force 03:52

7. Metal Wings Waltz feat. Gross Angel 02:58

8. To the Moon!!! feat. An Hobbes 03:18

9. Got Ya Back feat. Johnny Five the Philosopher & Gr3ys0n 03:22

10. Bloodthirsty feat. Swell Rell 03:40

11. T. Swift feat. Reasun & Dereos Roads 02:56

12. Destroy & Rebuild feat. Relly Rellz & Only One Ronin 03:17

13. Bend the Spoon feat. Noveliss 03:23

14. Dynamic Opposites feat. Cosmic Crusader 03:03

15. Words of Prey feat. SeraphGuard, JuleUnique, VersaTilla & White Lotus 03:24

16. As the Gear Turns feat. Cryptic One 02:48

17. On the Grind 02:42

All beats produced by SteamBoi for Black Gear Productions

Cuts/Scratches by Aramis616 (track 3), Pimpernel Jones (tracks 4, 10, 13), Bill Beats (track 6), DJ Guney Urgulu (track 8), Tone Spliff (tracks 9, 17) and DJ Bombeardo (track 16)

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