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Spanish Ran - Genesis SH** Vol. 1 (Album)

Let's keep this short as not only is this album perfectly spoken for by the creator of the music, so does the album. Genesis SH** Vol. 1 released December 21, 2023, is the latest spiritual orchestration in the ever expanding need to know catalog (Spanish Sauce, Do​ñ​a Blanca Trilogy, Carhartt Champions, Breakfast At Sue's, Nowhere Bloo, Long Way To Reach Heaven, Policy Kings, Painting Houses and more), by The Church's own South Bronx, N.Y. bred Spanish Ran. Upon listening you know where the producer and engineer's heart in the essence of origins is at. The former intern turned A&R grinded his way up with an excellent ear for talent. This continued throughout his life showing why his veins pump Hip Hop. His inspiration never stopped nor his enjoyment for other's music, which played an important role with the signing of certain artists while he worked with Def Jam and also Roc Nation (if you aren't familiar then playing the new album will reveal it). If you ever hear or read "The Church" you best believe Spanish Ran just provided an infectious gritty vividly dusty tuned sound complimented by fellow members of The Church: Tree Mason, Al-Doe and Bloo Azul (check his interview HERE with HHDG Media Inc.). All reppin' the Bronx and passionate about Hip Hop like only the Bx can do from the birthright's home. Knowing the dope artists in this independent Hip Hop realm is where Spanish Ran's experience shines with additional features partaking in his formation like UFO Fev (East Harlem, N.Y., The High Enterprise), Clyde Guevara (Brooklyn, N.Y), Brainorchestra (Elizabeth, N.J.), David Jame$ (Bronx, N.Y.), Passport Rav (Brooklyn, N.Y. by-way-of New Jersey), SuperBAD Solace (Flushing/Corona Queens, N.Y.), plaza (Queens, N.Y.), Lord Sko (Washington Heights, N.Y.).

The mixtape inspired Genesis SH** Vol. 1 wouldn't be complete without a DJ. Enters Kooley High member DJ Ill Digitz (Brooklyn, N.Y. via Raleigh, N. Carolina/M.E.C.C.A. Records) with mutli-faceted cuts/scratches on six songs and the oh so vintage mixtape cassette cover done by none other than frequent collaborator, illustrator and graphic artist Duane Planes. Peep the introspection by Spanish Ran below and you yourself will reminisce while continuing to appreciate current Hip Hop music and culture during the journey.

"This was a personal bucket list that I always wanted to do.

I remember watching my aunts buy and collect old Ron G @kidcapri101 @djdoowop @djtonytouch @stretcharmstrong @koolboblove mixtapes growing up.

So this was something I was personally inspired by and wanted to capture that time, and make this tape into a time capsule of whats going on now.

I want to thank everyone who had a hand with helping me put this project together.

Also 90% of the rappers recorded their vocals in my crib, which made it more ill." - Spanish Ran

Listen, Share and Support below.

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