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Silvandgold - Bring The Gold (Produced by Supastition) (Music Video)

Updated: Feb 18

The thing about poetry is how well one who possesses the ability of structuring words to sentences with vocal delivery, meaning, depth and emotion will be a natural when emceeing is involved. We know of many talented musicians proving how important work ethic is along with their skills and love of the culture isn't always enough to break into Hip Hop music with success. July 26, 2019, Southeast Los Angeles, CA Poet and Emcee, Silvandgold marked an introduction of her own official music titled Catch the Kite EP with Las Vegas, NV Producer/DJ 12Twlv and within the same year (11/15/19) the debut album Gaby Guerrero LP was released. Anyone having the hardworking lyrical talent out of Los Angeles, CA Emcee, Destruct and the staple of German Hip Hop (and more) Berlin, Germany-based Producer/DJ, CEO & Founder of Krekpek Records, Figub Brazlevič on their first two albums (the other being Avant​-​Garde (When the Time Comes) (10/1/21)) has been given much respect by their musical peers. The Southeast Los Angeles, CA Poet and Emcee, Silvandgold continues to shine, showing her love of Hip Hop is deep, while keeping her name known and keeping the culture thriving year after year. Fast forwarding to 2023 she gave us the EP Gold (4/20/23) with features by 60 East and Taelor Gray. You can even hear her on such guest features like "Solar Opposites" by Chicago's own 1773 (Wisdm Uno & Jay Nagoma) and Joe Tyse from their 2023 album The Luvbug Vol. 2, which Silvandgold is also on the newly released remix project on February 14, 2024 titled The Luvbug Vol. 2 Remixes presented by 1773 & The Co-defendants (Joe Tyse & 5ifth Element).

On February 7, 2024, Silvandgold provides visuals to the Supastition (Georgia by-way-of Greenville, N.Carolina Producer, Emcee, Eavesdrop Music) produced first track "Bring The Gold" off her June 21, 2023 released album Gold Rush. Even in the song the positive messages are throughout. For example, part of the first verse displays the noticeably earned respect from the diversely talented veteran Supastition when he reached out, who produced two songs for the Gold Rush album. The introduction track of an album is a determining factor of one's perception for what's to come and potentially engulf the listeners further. "Bring The Gold" did that, so the anticipation of seeing a music video makes the song even better as Silvandgold gives us the natural essence of the gold (Hip Hop). Keep entertaining and educating Silvandgold to "Bring The Gold".

Watch, Listen, Share and be sure to check Silvandgold website below.

Gold Rush album

"Bring The Gold" Music Video Credits:

Filmed & Directed by Jason Lucero

Custom Jewelry worn is by vhs (Victor & Co.)

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