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Rob Cave featuring Cyren Young - Sublime (Produced by 88-Keys)

Below is spoken by Rob Cave (Brooklyn, N.Y. Emcee, Illustrator, Director and member of Lessondary) himself... What is your idea of luxury? Does it look like you?

Sublime,” is a track that's more than just music; it's a testament to our shared journey. I've poured my soul into this, and it's a joy to finally unveil it to you.

This song is more than just dope beats and dope rhymes —it's a celebration of something I hold dear: the rich tapestry of culture and experiences that define true luxury. We're flipping the script, redefining luxury beyond material possessions. "Sublime" tells a story where culture, experiences, and the moments that shape us become the real treasures we cherish.

Produced by the legendary Grammy Award-winning maestro 88-Keys, and featuring the soulful crooning of Cyren Young, this track is a fusion of funky beats, jazzy undertones, and lyrics that speak of confidence, identity, and the power of embracing oneself.

"Fashion is fashion, that’s not beauty. Beauty is who we are." - Bethann Hardison 

I can't wait for you to vibe with it, to feel the pulse of our collective story. Get ready to groove when "Sublime" out right now here on Bandcamp and my website, (not available on streaming!). It's an auditory journey that celebrates our cultural abundance and the richness of experiences that shape who we are.

And there's more—accompanying the release will be merch that visually encapsulates the essence of this journey, inspired by the lyrics. I'm excited to share this visual narrative with you, a story woven through cultural tapestries and unforgettable moments.

Your continued support means the world to me, and I can't wait for you to dive into this new chapter together. For exclusive previews, interviews, or deeper insights into "Sublime," feel free to connect with me at

Thank you again for being on this journey with me. Let's celebrate the beauty of our diverse stories through "Sublime" and the experiences it holds.

Sublime is the first single for a 5 song EP, American Sublime, completely produced by 88-Keys, dropping early 2024.

Stay tuned, and keep grooving.

With gratitude,


released November 16, 2023

Written by Robert Cave Jr., Cyren Young & Charles M. Njapa

Performed by Rob Cave featuring Cyren Young

Produced by 88-Keys for Keys Open Doors LLC

Akai Professional MPC X Programmed by 88-Keys for Keys Open Doors LLC

Published by Broken Locks, Inc. (BMI) / Songs of Universal, Inc. (BMI) & Sheila Sounds (BMI)

Mixed & mastered by Brian Kidd

Cover photo by Robert Cave Sr

Cover design by Rob Cave Jr

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