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Planet Asia, K.Burns, and Lenox Hughes - Off the Books (Produced by Piff James) (Music Video)

Gold Chain Music provides a change in pace on their second single and music video for "Off the Books". The low BPM string serenading fueled chopped vocal sample with drums is provided by none other than GCM member Piff James (Newark, N.J._Outsidaz). Vocals get set off by Fresno/GCM member Planet Asia, followed by two other Gold Chain Music cohorts K. Burns (Los Angeles, CA by-way-of Brooklyn, N.Y._Team Fame GVNG (TFMG)) and Lenox Hughes (Los Angeles, CA by-way-of Harlem, N.Y._Leaders of the Empire).

Shoutout The Beatnuts.

Watch and share below.

Directed by DirtyDiggs (JR & Noy)

Gold Chain Music's album is coming soon! Check out the first single as well "MISSILES" featuring YaH-Ra (Los Angeles, CA by-way-of San Bernardino, CA_Owner of Grillz by YaH), Planet Asia and Montage One (Los Angeles, CA_Likwit Crew)

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