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YaH-Ra, Planet Asia and Montage One - MISSILES (Produced by Playa Haze) (Music Video)

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Gold Chain Music is a crew and family out to annihilate with their lyrical assassins and elite producers. As they gear up to drop their GCM album we have new member from Los Angeles, CA, YaH-Ra (by-way-of San Bernardino, CA_Owner of Grillz by YaH) with the general reppin' Fresno, CA, Planet Asia and the veteran Los Angeles, CA spitter Montage One (also Likwit Crew) delivering "MISSILES" like only they can do in these visuals. Riverside, CA Gold Chain Music member Playa Haze lays groundwork with his dark eerie induced piano looped canvas for the three emcees to let you know what the team is about...lyrical destruction. This is how you build anticipation for the upcoming Gold Chain Music album.

Watch and share below. Peep the cameos by other GCM members.

Directed by Myndframe Media.

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