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O.C. (D.I.T.C.) - Bonus Jewelz (EP) & Jewelz (Album Instrumentals)

Just last month the Brooklyn, N.Y. bred D.I.T.C. member, O.C. blessed the feature for the track "Convertible Steez" off the not to be missed North Carolina duo Stallone & Weathers (Precyce Politix & K-Hill) revival second album The Cost of Doing Business (11/24/23). Now on December 12, 2023, he surprises fans by releasing not only a bonus EP to compliment his phenomenal sophomore album Jewelz, we also are gifted the instrumentals to the Jewelz album!

"Companion EP to the original "Jewelz" album. Features 3 bonus cuts not found on the 1997-issued "Jewelz" album, plus 2 unreleased remixes by Pete Rock and Large Professor." - O.C.

1. Dangerous The Sequel (feat. Big L & Lost Boyz) 04:16

2. Dangerously Making Money (feat. Fatman Scoop, Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz) 03:55

3. Can't Go Wrong [Remix] (feat. Changing Faces) 03:53

4. The Chosen One [Pete Rock Remix] 03:39

5. War Games [Extra P Remix] (feat. Organized Konfusion) 03:29

"Due to the success and fanfare of 2022's "Word...Life (Instrumentals)", it only seemed right to feed the demand for the full instrumentals to O.C.'s classic 1997 sophomore album, "Jewelz". Sought after by DITC fans worldwide, for the first time in 26 years, the complete collection of instrumentals is now available. Prior to this, there was only a vinyl bootleg floating around that was released over 20 years ago, which only featured some of the instrumentals that had been released on 12" singles plus some fake 'looped' beats from the album which were not the actual instrumentals with the drops, changes and arrangements. This release features the complete instrumental set for the album, in their full, authentic glory." - O.C.

1. My World [Instrumental] 04:16

2. War Games [Instrumental] 03:28

3. Can't Go Wrong [Instrumental] 03:45

4. The Chosen One [Instrumental] 03:52

5. Dangerous [Instrumental] 04:15

6. Win The G [Instrumental] 04:43

7. Far From Yours [Instrumental] 04:17

8. Stronjay [Instrumental] 05:06

9. M.U.G. [Instrumental] 03:20

10.The Crow [Instrumental] 04:27

11.You And Yours [Instrumental] 04:21

12.Hypocrite [Instrumental] 02:31

13.It's Only Right [Instrumental] 03:35

14.Jewelz [Instrumental] 05:06

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