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Noveliss (of Clear Soul Forces) - Sincerity and Reverence (Produced by Dixon Hill) (Music Video)

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Spirituality, Anime, Martial Arts, Video Games, Physical/Mental Health, Comics and Hip Hop are a mere glimpse of the subjects Detroit Emcee, Noveliss (Clear Soul Forces_The Swordcast) can delve deeper into with such a way they mesh in lyrical bliss. With a successful year continuing to ride high off the recent honor towards the Sony Playstation game "Ghost of Tsushima" with his song "Storm of Clan Sakai" (Video/Stream)(Produced by Hir-O aka The Battousai Beat Slicer (The Swordcast_Mellow Orange_Blackspace_Star Heaven_Dojo Dreamers) released on the official release date (8/20/21) of the expansion/PS4/PS5 update "Island of Iki" and Director's Cut of the original game. On May 7, 2021, the CSF member joined forces with Mega Ran (formerly Random), who they share a mutual love for Hip Hop, Anime, Video Games and Wrestling to release the album Maverick Hunters.

September 22, 2021, marks the premiere of the first single and music video "Sincerity and Reverence" produced by Dixon Hill (Las Vegas, NV). It takes a versatile talented producer to have the synergy with Noveliss like this for such a creation to be beautifully orchestrated. Exemplifying a mellow feel synonymous with the first day of Fall. "Sincerity and Reverence" transcends balance and change in which only you can start from within. Flows like "...His body a temple and Midi-Chlorians he faced the trials but they don't know what side of the force he is. Even the purest vessel can't escape genetics. A sharpened weapon, but heart failure could be his ending."

And even more verses below show the emotion this new album Book of Changes will have.

"Thoughts linger if you don't convert them into ether. Just spread love never get lost I left the breadcrumbs. Everything you want is on the other side of what you're scared of. Living off borrowed time the clock ticks faster. Swiping up the tears on my screen from Doom's passing."

The visuals equally follow that path. Dixon Hill's audio canvas is so in tuned on the song that I suggest you also check his Holodeck Beats: Program One, Two and Three. If you crave more of Dixon Hill's skillfully diverse production while waiting for Noveliss & Dixon Hill to release their album Book of Changes on November 19, 2021, then you can also check his 2019 collaboration album with another Detroit Emcee in Guilty Simpson titled Actus Reus.

The direction of the initial single with tranquil note Nujabes and any Chillhop listener would enjoy provides a true statement in the pages of Noveliss's journey through life. Which we will hear more of in the upcoming chapters when Book of Changes arrives accompanied with Dixon Hill's production.

"Inspired by the 20th Hexagram in the I Ching: The Ancient Chinese Book of Changes; Observing/Contemplation. This hexagram represents alert observation with clarity of the mind. That's what this song is. In one of the many interpretations, there is a line that reads "Sincerity is Reverential," or "there is Sincerity which is Reverent," and here we are..." Noveliss

Listen and share below. Pre-Save/Pre-Order the album Book of Changes...HERE and also on Noveliss's Bandcamp page...HERE

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