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Noveliss & Mega Ran - Memory Card (Produced By Hir-O) (Music Video)

Updated: May 4, 2021

There is a clear and direct reason Detroit Emcee, Noveliss (Clear Soul Forces_The Swordcast) and Phoenix, AZ Emcee, Mega Ran (formerly Random) have become friends. Listening to the newly released first single/music video "Memory Card" provides the insight for their love of video games (among others) through the expression of life via the game saving storage peripheral. Not many young gamers are familiar with a "Memory Card" as new generation consoles save internally. (Remember writing down save codes?) The knocking video game nostalgia meets current time influenced production comes by none other than Detroit's own Hir-O aka The Battousai Beat Slicer (The Swordcast_Mellow Orange_Blackspace_Star Heaven_Dojo Dreamers) while Noveliss and Mega Ran utilize arcade, video game, computer references and more figuratively as the tie-in with memory cards for the non-virtual world.

The three magically manifest a stellar opening to the audio entertainment we will soon hear more of off their upcoming collaboration (Noveliss and Mega Ran) album Maverick Hunters, dropping May 7, 2021. As the music video plays out we are given nostalgia in more than just the lyrics. ShotByDub (Phoenix, AZ) distinctively directed "Memory Card" in the best way translated in such a fitting location.

Listen and share below.

Digital version of the upcoming album Maverick Hunters can be pre-ordered at Mega Ran's website...HERE

Vinyl pre-orders will soon be available at Mega Ran's website as well...HERE

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