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N.I.V.E. & OG Enoch - BOBW (Best of Both Wards) (Album)

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

NOLA rap has a variety of emcees with unique styles no matter which ward they rep. Throughout the years listening to certain artists from New Orleans has sparked interest in others from features or collaborations. Talented emcees like KingIkeem (New Orleans, LA_Out The Box Entertainment (OTB)_Good$ense affiliate) is one such artist that put me on to OG Enoch aka Ton Toe (Uptown 3rd Ward) via "Mr Policeman" in 2019. From there I started discovering his previous music under the name Ton Toe. OG Enoch released two notable 2021 albums, the HHDG Media featured Cyrus The Virus: The Outbreak and Cyrus The Virus: Phase 1.

Through their new collaboration album BOBW (Best of Both Wards), released on February 11, 2022, OG Enoch introduced me to 6th Ward's own N.I.V.E. (Now I'm Verified Everywhere) (Big Dog $tatus Group). Once again the phrase "The South Got Something To Say" comes to mind hearing N.I.V.E. as his NOLA street imagery is eloquently displayed for the world. This initiated me finding such work like THE FINGERPRINT (February 2021) and THE FOOTPRINT (March 2021) to name a few projects worth checking along with his Bar Exam series. OG Enoch & N.I.V.E. aka Ralph Lauren vs Tommy Hilfiger compliment each other's flows the way you would hear a tandem with years of experience. A perfect display on this comes by way of the vocal-driven second track "You See Why" produced by one to constantly keep an eye on Sypooda. The two lay all their talents out without any features to stray the listener away. Without a doubt the aptly-titled album BOBW (Best of Both Wards) tells us why both emcees have 6th Ward, Uptown 3rd Ward and NOLA overall in their hearts and rhymes.

Production handled by New Orleans own DonLouis Bartholomew (CEO of Bangnrecords_Bartholomew Boyz), Sypooda (Virginia) and more made this orchestration one to remember by OG Enoch & N.I.V.E.

Listen, share and support below.

Music Videos for "You See Why", Best of Both Wards" from the album are below. Plus non-album videos for "Bar Exam 3" and the new song "2nd. Installment".

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