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Mike Floss - "DTP" (Produced by OHDEE & Unhappy Hank)

Nashiville, TN Emcee, Mike Floss details his life and thoughts on the three part song "DTP". Produced by OHDEE (Chicago, IL) and Unhappy Hank (Nashville, TN). Listen below and check the official video for the first part of his song.

Here is what Mike Floss has to say... "DTP stands for Disturbing The Peace, it stands for Defund The Police, and most directly it stands for Desensitized, Terrorized, and Processing.

This the first summer of my life that I’m genuinely glad is over lol. I haven’t released much music this year because it felt weird to be promoting my art with so much real chaos around us. I feel ready to get some more vibes out there now, and I’m starting with this song that reflects the mixed emotions I’ve experienced over the past few months. My life has changed pretty drastically this summer, but we still saucy so I ain’t tripping"

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