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Malcolm DeWayne - Dreamcast Chronicles (EP)

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The thing about talent is your drive to observe, plan, implement and execute for the right moment like video games. Being the co-founder of America's first Black owned vinyl pressing company, Mid South Record Pressing understanding how to maneuver life's characters through its levels is none other than Nashville's (TN) own Malcolm DeWayne (Soul Controllers & The Soul Cypher). Also known to work with Hip Hop heavyweights such as Eddie Sancho, Skyzoo and Fashawn on the 2020 song "Skyline". Here we have another HHDG (Hip-Hop Discussion Group) member who also showcases his emceeing and made the decision that October 3, 2023 was the time to let the listeners hear and support Dreamcast Chronicles EP (featuring J. Nolan, Randall, AhmadMusic & Spi-D Rok). Spoken from his words he provides a description about the EP and reason for withholding the release in the past.

"Previously written and recorded in the early 2010s, Malcolm DeWayne unearths his long-lost EP. Dreamcast Chronicles is described by the artist as "an episodic ode to the working class people with bigger dreams and aspirations than their paychecks can support." After the public falling out of the producer of this project, MD previously made the difficult decision to shelve the EP before finally revisiting, retouching and ultimately releasing this album for the world to hear." - Malcolm DeWayne

Listen, Share and Support below. Bandcamp (On all other DSP next week)

Produced by PLSTFX Recorded by Chazen Bright & Joshua Marinko Mixed by Nattalie Gaston-Ogbimi & Edward Butler All songs written by Malcolm DeWayne, J. Nolan and Randall. Additional vocals by AhmadMusic and Spi-D Rok Scratches by DJ Eddie B

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