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Madlib & Mark Ronson - Recycled Records EP & Documentary Narrated by MC Lyte (Coca-Cola Company)

In a partnership with the Coca-Cola company, musicians Madlib and Mark Ronson ventured in creativity with sampling the various sounds during the recycling process of plastic bottles at the soft drink's recycling facility. The two producers show to never limit yourself with sounds utilized to distort, chop, loop and alter in ways their creative minds express. The new EP is titled Recycled Records EP and is available now. As a companion to the new EP a short film documentary on the history of music sampling was created with narration by Hip Hop legend MC Lyte.

"Recycled Records is a sonic exploration of recycled sound that illustrates the benefits of clear plastic through the universal language of music in celebration of Sprite, Fresca and Seagram’s transition from green to clear plastic."

Listen and share the seven track Recycled Records EP at the Green To Clear link below. Check the tracklist showing Mark Ronson and Madlib's individual tracks created. Then enjoy the MC Lyte narrated documentary on the process and history of music sampling below or at this link. Try your hand at making beats utilizing the same sound llibrary of samples that Madlib and Mark Ronson used on the Recycled Records EP by clicking this link.

  1. Madlib

  2. Mark Ronson

  3. Madlib

  4. Mark Ronson

  5. Madlib

  6. Madlb

  7. Madlib

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