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Lyric Jones featuring Vic Mensa - "Show You How" (Produced by H0wdy)

Gold Chain Music member, Lyric Jones (Los Angeles by-way-of Boston Emcee, Singer, Drummer, Producer) new dance vibe track "Show You How" featuring Chicago's Vic Mensa (Roc Nation). Listen below. Produced by H0wdy. Co-Produced by Heilig Tomi. Additional vocals by Phonte (Little Brother/Foreign Exchange).

The lead single is from Lyric Jones upcoming album Closer Than They Appear (Executive Produced by Phonte)(tracklist below) dropping October 27, 2020. Pre-Order/Pre-Save digital, vinyl and merchandise at Lyric Jones's website...HERE

1. Objects In Mirror (Produced by Phil Beaudreau) (Additional vocals by Phil Beaudreau & Phonte)

2. Face To Face (Produced by Carrtoons) (Additional vocals by BeMyFiasco) (Additional background vocals by Musinah & Phonte) (Additional strings by Chelsey Green & Shana Tucker)

3. Rock On (Produced by Nottz)

4. Crusin' (feat. Little Brother) (Produced by Focus...) (Additional production by Mell Beats)

5. Show You How (feat. Vic Mensa) (Produced by H0wdy_Co-Produced by Heiligi Tomi) (Additional background vocals by Phonte)

6. Angelina (feat. Phil Beaudreau) (Produced by Phil Beaudreau) (Additional background vocals by Phonte)

7. Want To Say (Produced by Blaaq Gold) (Additional vocals by Rah Digga)

8. Once More With Feeling (feat. Sy Smith) (Produced by Carrtoons)

9. Waitaminit (Prod. by Nameless) (Additional background vocals by Phonte) (Additional keys and synth by Zo!)

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