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J.I.D. - Skegee (Produced by Christo) (Music Video)

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

J.I.D. (Atlanta, GA Emcee and member of Spillage Village and J. Cole's Dreamville) is the defining representation of an emcee that can provide insight, education, consciousness, diverse lyrical ability with thought provoking lyricism. "Skegee" is his new music video where he shines light on the history of Tuskegee, AL. while showing visuals of the city, it's people and speaking directly to Black people. Production of the song is credited to Christo. Watch, listen and share below.

"I remember my dad always preaching black history to me, anytime anyplace anywhere we went he made me question everything, this song is a lesson I learned a long time ago and felt necessary to use my platform to spread the knowledge of the history of our people in this country, it is not a slight at anyone, it’s a moment of reflection." - J.I.D.

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