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Giallo Point - The Strut Instrumentals

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

I recall in the years of 2014 and 2015 discovering a signature production sound that I described as fitting to the old black and white crime/gangster films. This production painted scenes without any written script being spoken. Such a film noir to experience as the production could easily be the soundtrack to such motion pictures. With a fluid skill to intertwine nostalgia meets the present-day and beyond in production is consistently being accomplished by none other than London, U.K. DJ/Producer, Giallo Point. Crate Divizion is the crew I kept reading about when seeing Giallo Point's name and found out they had even more talent within their camp, which made digital digging even more adventurous and investigative. Fellow Crate Divizion members Daniel Son (Toronto, Canada Emcee), Vic Grimes (Springfield, Canada) and Phyba aka PhybaOptikz (London, U.K. Emcee/Producer) solidifying they are ones to keep checking for. These early years Giallo Point's instrumental opuses are listening pleasure of high replay value. Projects The Runaway, The Hired Assassin and Beats For Drama Vol. 1 & 2 come to mind.

My ears kept being blessed by Giallo Point's gritty audio cinema through remixes as well. Continuously digging each year (2015 - 2019) I began seeing new music consistently dropping with artists who are prominently known now like Crimeapple, Saipher Soze, Estee Nack, former duo FalconCrest (Tex aka Falcon Outlaw & DNTE), Tha Connecton (SmooVth & Hus Kingpin)(individually collaborating with GP), Sonnyjim, Tha God Fahim, iLL Bill, Da Buze Bruvaz (Him Lo & Clever 1), D-Strong, Lyric Jones, Ric Branson and more. The London double threat has collaborated with the Bronx own producer Ray West (Red Apples 45) for the project Walter PPK in 2020. Giallo Point's DJing skills have begun to resurface on his tracks too, which is always a plus. November 25, 2022 he released the instrumental venture Blue Keys with high praise through MarQ Spekt's label Grilchy Party. As more projects were released in the years with frequent collaborators previously mentioned his resume for cinematic boom bap continued to show just how vast his sound can be. The catalog of remixes, albums and instrumental projects under his belt is hard to contain only enjoying a portion of. Just dive in and don't look back as the journey will not stop. Here we are October 30, 2023, with yet another standout instrumental project titled The Strut Instrumentals fusing Jazz and Hip Hop like only Giallo Point can do.

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