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Falcon Outlaw & Daniel Son - "Dream Warriors" (Produced by Sibbs Roc)

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

High Heat Records, Brown Bag Money and Gold Era unite for "Dream Warriors"! Toronto Hip Hop keeps knocking down any doubts of easing up on infectious music. Sibbs Roc (Gold Era Producer & Emcee) creates an enchanting nature filled bird-chirping track as the "Dream Warriors" Falcon Outlaw aka TEX (High Heat Records) and Daniel Son (Brown Bag Money) come delivering their stomping grounds reality. Falcon Outlaw gives respect to Toronto's veterans Dream Warriors (King Lou and Capital Q) not just through the song title, yet in the song as well.

Listen and share below.

Mixed and Mastered by SmokeShopStudios (Brampton, Canada)

Artwork by Jesse Blair (Toronto, Canada)

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