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Coast Contra (Freestyles Plus) (Mixtape) (Mixed by RockVader K.B.)

Coast Contra (Los Angeles, CA) comprised of Rio Loz (by-way-of Comuna 13, Medellin, Colombia), Eric Jamal (by-way-of North Philly, PA) and Ras Kass's twin sons Ras Austin & Taj Austin)(Area 51 Music)/AF1) recently dropped their seminal debut LP, Apt. 505. This mixtape, brought to you by RockVader K.B. of HHDG Media and ILLSIDE Radio, is to celebrate the release of the LP and to showcase what this group is trying to bring back to the forefront...ELITE level lyricism. Apt. 505 stands alone as a debut LP. This mix is to support Coast Contra and to introduce the unfamiliar with how nice they really are on some freestyles over some classics, new heat and original material. Press play and enjoy the ride...I gotchu every trip... RockVader K.B.

Listen and share below.

Tracklist 1. Rare Freestyle 2. Intentional 3. The Pandemic Is Over (Mask Off Freestyle) 4. AF1 5. Activated 6. Straightenin Freestyle 7. Legacy 9. Diet Coke Freestyle 10. The Outlaw Freestyle (Coast Contra Cypher EP.3) 11. The Realest Freestyle 12. My Lady feat. Kateel 13. Pimpin’ Benjamin 14. Fugee-La Freestyle feat. Divine 15. Full Clip Freestyle feat. Natia 16. Thelonius Freestyle 17. Never Freestyle 18. Children’s Story Freestyle

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