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Chyna Streetz - Visions (EP) (Presented by On The Radar) (Produced by Josammy)

Updated: Mar 1

Brooklyn's (N.Y.) own Chyna Streetz (Bad InflueNYCe) told us in 2023 to be ready for new music when 2024 arrives. The EP Hourglass gained people's attention when released May 3, 2022. Chyna Streetz provided listeners with an array of content and delivery structured around a distinct perspective surrounding the project to ponder on. It's worth mentioning from previous years two favorite songs of mine you should peep beginning with the solo track "WAR of the Roses" or her guest feature on "Pressure" (off The Rock Period ) by Bub Rock (Long Island, N.Y. Emcee) with the other track's guest feature by Chris Crack (Chicago, IL Emcee) and produced by AP. While steadily working on her music in 2023 the Bad InflueNYCe spitter continued to show off the lyrical flare on "Q.G.T.M." off Vel Nine/Vel The Wonder (Baldwin Park/Los Angeles, CA Emcee) & Nuglife (Bay Area, CA by-way-of Los Angeles, CA Producer_Artist_Filmographer_Nuglife Productions_High Def Ent.) NINA album (8/24/23). Flexing on her own with the bonus track "U Mad Huh?" off Rome Streetz (Brooklyn, N.Y. Griselda Records/Bad InflueNYCe) & Big Ghost Ltd. album "Built In A Day" (2/27/23).

February 7, 2024, the new EP Visions presented by On The Radar (OTR) was released boasting for dolo on three tracks similar to her 2022 EP. The difference here is more growth lyrically and life is reflected as her horizons have a grander outlook. The grimey Brooklyn life will always birth a natural beauty ("Tulips") in the midst of concrete landscapes continuing to persevere under the elements affecting maturity, soul, mental health, faith, respect to others, relationships and more. The rotten apple does this often and this shining moment is through Chyna Streetz's Visions. Josammy (Fredericksburg, VA) precisely stayed on track with the direction Chyna Streetz aimed for as his production should gain him more attention. Props to On The Radar for not only presenting Visions EP, but also executive producing, along with Fritz Tha Producer. Upon listening to Visions then reading the songs names and EP title you know the depiction in the art achieved by Arysevzn transcends the music. One thing Visions does well is keep the quality of music at a high level in an industry that bludgeons us with stereotypical rhymes and content they expect all women to release. Not on this EP. The Oracle has spoken on Visions.

"...focused on Genesis but we live in Revelations. No one cares about the next. Scared for this generation."

Listen and Share below.

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