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Calcei & Pimpernel Jones - Groundworks (Album)

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Here at HHDG Media Inc. we like to continue shining the light on talented musicians that have come our way through our Facebook group HHDG (Hip-Hop Discussion Group) and become extended family. One such talent is Detroit Emcee Calcei (Sacramento, CA residing). October 6, 2023 marks a worthy addition to his already impressive catalog called Groundworks. Calcei continues to exchange wonderful ideas that soon become pleasing audio frequencies channeled into your ears with longtime collaborator from across the pond, Pimpernel Jones (Portsmouth, U.K).

"Groundworks" is a long awaited collaboration between two talented artists from opposite sides of the Atlantic. Calcei, the sharp-witted emcee from the Sacramento by way of Detroit, and Pimpernel Jones, the gifted producer/engineer/turntabilist from the UK, have joined forces to create an album showcasing their skills and passion for the culture. "Groundworks" is a tribute to the hip-hop ethos of building something fresh and original from the ground up, while still paying homage to the legends who paved the way. Calcei delivers insightful lyrics that reflect on his life, his influences, and his vision, over Pimpernel's smooth and jazzy beats that blend boom bap with soulful samples. Joined on two tracks by veteran Brooklyn emcee Gregg Green, "Groundworks" is a statement of artistic excellence and cultural exchange. It’s a testament to the power of hip-hop to connect people across borders and boundaries. It’s a celebration of hip-hop's past and future. - Calcei

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CD Version can be purchased through DITCD...HERE

Lyrics by Calcei

Gregg Green lyrics on tracks 9, 13, 14

All production, cuts and scratches, and engineering by Pimpernel Jones

Mixed and Mastered by Cosmic Trigger Studios

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