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Calcei & DJ Archives are The Bowling League (Album)

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Detroit and Chicago have a rich history in music and joint collaborations. Enter to this list are The Bowling League, consisting of Detroit Emcee, Calcei (Sacramento, CA residing) and Chicago's DJ/Turntablist, DJ Archives. Calcei has a smooth monotone voice with a flow equally matched to the style of Jazz influenced production he has a very good ear of selecting. Being consistent with music shows from the December 2020 album Denny's, the October 2019 album What Starts Today and many more releases within the years after his 2010 project Laces In Tongues Out. Calcei is at home and completely comfortable on every track I've ever heard him on. Those bucket hats are a key indicator to his cool and calm demeanor on the mic and a signature of the Detroit native.

DJ Archives has laid down dope cuts with hometown artists and producers of the Chi like No I.D. and The Primeridian. You don't say your a turntablist without being in DJ battles, which DJ Archives skills have been showcased in DMC battles, so you know what to expect on The Bowling League. Hours upon hours of practice become simple muscle memory and the final outcome are precise cuts and scratches. From dusty vinyl digging, rocking parties, shows, clubs, countless practice and DJ battles, the Chi-town DJ is a complete package. Fans of DJs showing off their hard work will be excited hear what he has accomplished.

Upon the intro you get the Hip Hop vibe of the importance, integral part and completion the DJ always brings to songs as DJ Archives cuts up a "Bowling League" vocal with Calcei shouting both out over Olos thumping Jazzy track. As the second track "Calcei on the Mic DJ Archives on the Cut" (produced by Beatnick Classics) plays, you instantly know the energy and Emcee/DJ homage continuation of the intro is evident and fire with the feel of a live Jazz band on stage with Calcei and DJ Archives. While The Bowling League continues on, there is no denying the chemistry the emcee and Dj have just as a bowling team vibes off teammate's energy after continuously making strikes. Maintaining the Jazz foundation along with the Hip Hop sound of the past we grew up on and current state is a soundscape provided by producers Olos (Detroit, MI), Beatnick Classics (Florida), Monplacebo (Florida by-way-of Queens, N.Y. via Brooklyn, N.Y.), Pimpernel Jones (Portsmouth, U.K./Cosmic Trigger Audio/Herma Puma), Keef Boxx (Detroit, MI), Ohkang (Detroit, MI) and TNV.

The art of DJing and being on songs is not lost or gone, The Bowling League is a true representation with an emcee fully capable of controlling the lane he is in. In more bowling terms, this album is above average with a score exceeding 250. Enjoy the energy, fun, teamwork and passion of Hip Hop flowing with the Emcee/DJ duo through The Bowling League.

Listen, share and support below.

Digital version can be purchased at Calcei's Bandcamp site...HERE

CD version is available via U.K. label Chopped Herring Records...HERE

Album t-shirt is available at Motor City Athletic Apparel...HERE

Mixing and Mastering by Pimpernel Jones (Portsmouth, U.K./Cosmic Trigger Audio/Herma Puma)

Cover design by Karie Jamison (Orange County (OC), CA/Five and Done)

Recorded at BlckLbl Studios in Sacramento, CA.

Three-O: Pimpernel Jones: Beatnik Classics: Monplacebo: Ohkang: Karie Jamison:

1. The Bowling League Intro – produced by Olos 2. Calcei on the Mic DJ Archives on the Cut – produced by Beatnick Classics 3. Just Magic – produced by Ohkang 4. Procrastination – produced by TNV 5. Interlude 1 – produced by Pimpernel Jones 6. It Just Wasn’t – produced by Beatnick Classics 7. Bytime – produced by Olos 8. A Dream for Calcei – produced by Keef Boxx 9. Interlude 2 – produced by Ohkang 10. West Y’all – produced by Ohkang 11. Don’t Pull It – produced by Monplacebo 12. Listen to the Flute Play – produced by Pimpernel Jones 13. Bowling League Outro – produced by Pimpernel Jones

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