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Calcei - Denny's (Album)

Detroit native Emcee, Calcei (Residing in Northern California) with his smooth subtle delivery and flow presents his eighth album Denny's on December 4, 2020. What better way to describe the album than by the artist himself...

Denny's'' is the perfect metaphor for life today: stuck in a rut; in purgatory; a holding pattern, but still trying to find humor and light in the darkness." - Calcei

Production comes from long time collaborator Olos (Detroit, MI), Beatnick Classic (Florida), Monplacebo (Florida by-way-of Queens, N.Y. via Brooklyn, N.Y.), Mike E. Eyebrowz (Michigan) and kingCameelioSalamander (North Carolina).

Cuts, Mixing and Mastering by Pimpernel Jones (Portsmouth, U.K./Cosmic Trigger Audio/Herma Puma)

Cover design by Karie Jamison (Orange County (OC), CA/Five and Done)

Listen, share and support below.

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