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Calcei - American Splendor (Album)

Detroit Emcee, Calcei (Sacramento, CA residing) is back with his second album of 2021. The first being The Bowling League and this new album American Splendor is not to be missed as well! Released on New years Eve! Nostalgia production with solid boom bap, jazz and rock mixed with what mature grown folks would are talking about. Collect your thoughts while listening and relating to Calcei's lyrics as the album takes a notable transition. Salute for keeping the foundation in Hip Hop with the DJ alive and well with those ill cuts by Pimpernel Jones.

Press release: Sacramento based emcee Calcei's new album "American Splendor" was inspired by the ongoing pandemic and its sociopolitical ramifications. The "American" side is political and dystopian. Cynicism and malaise drip from the biting lyrics. However, the "Splendor" side is lighter, more humorous, and whimsical. The dichotomy in tone and content mirrors the experience of many people during these trying times. Production is provided by frequent collaborators Olos, Pimpernel Jones, Monplacebo and Beatnick Classics. Mike E Eyebrowz also contributes sonically. All cuts and scratches are performed by Pimpernel Jones. PJ also mixed and mastered the project.

Listen, support and share below.

Cover graphic design by Karie Jamison (Five and Done)

Photography by Brandon C. Lewis:

Pimpernel Jones:

Beatnik Classics:

Mike E Eyebrowz:

Karie Jamison:

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