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Asun Eastwood, M.A.V. & Sibbs Roc - 98 Miles (Produced by Sibbs Roc) (Album)

Toronto, Canada and Rochester, N.Y. Hip Hop scene is on a constant rise, so when Asun Eastwood (Toronto_TOMA_Gold Era), Sibbs Roc (Toronto_Gold Era) and M.A.V. aka Maverick Montana (Rochester_Da Cloth) came together for their new album 98 Miles on April 2, 2021 (also Sibbs Roc born day), fans were given a new set of jewels. 98 nautical miles between the two cities, which no border can contain Asun and M.A.V.'s rhyme barrage as they trek through life.

1. Flu Season

2. Django

3. Tug of War feat. Jay Royale

4. Table Talk feat. Daniel Son

5. 50/50 feat. Saipher Soze & Corden Barrett (Saxophone)

6. What's Rap, What's Real

7. Less Is More

8. What's Your Purpose

9. Supreme Diligence

10. L's & W's

Asun's debut Nimbus to 2021’s Prophecy Is My Present with Philly’s The Twinning (Twin brothers Reker aka DJ R3K3R (STEADY RECOVERY!) and Padae) shows the Belizean can talk his shit whenever he wants with a braggadocios delivery and content backing it up. Rochester's M.A.V. contains a fluidly smooth same tempo flow whether with his crew, Da Cloth or on solo albums depicting his life's experience and understanding choices with projects like the the three part series Angelz and Demonz with Hobgoblin spanning from 2019 to 2021 and 2018’s ABRACADABRA (Produced by Finn (Gold Era)). Gold Era member, Sibbs Roc has shown off a range of sounds in his trunk of beats from hard knocking to mellow and cinema style audio imagery. If you are not familiar with his production be sure to check his skills on Master The Craft, lyrical abilities on Stand Firm and more production credits from Family Gang Black’s Ventilation album after witnessing his soundscape on 98 Miles.

Guests Jay Royale (East Baltimore, MD_Tutelage), Daniel Son (Toronto, Canada_Brown Bag Money), Saipher Soze (Toronto, Canada) and Corden Barrett (Saxophone on "50/50"_Toronto_Heavyunit Productions) come along for the ride. Together Sibbs Roc, M.A.V. and Asun Eastwood show the world 98 Miles is merely distance and the kinship they have developed is here to stay. As you travel through the ten track album you know this collaboration is more than music. Flowers have been given to others in Hip Hop. M.A.V. and Asun on 98 Miles further extends why they are deserving now. This may be Sibbs Roc debut on Gold Era, however take into account his degree of skills on the boards isn't coming from a newcomer. The album is a musical rough and rugged journey showcasing the best of two emcees and a producer who will be talked about even more. Make sure your audio cargo has been prepped when transporting for 98 Miles.

Listen, share and support below.

Artwork is by Chris B. Murray (Philly, PA_CBM Artworks)

OBI designs by Trevor Lang (New Jersey).

Pre-orders of the CD (300 copies) and Vinyl (400 copies) versions are sold exclusively at Asun Eastwood's website...HERE

Limited to 400 vinyl in total:

100 black vinyl 100 black vinyl w/OBI

67 Neon Lime Green Variant vinyl 67 Spring Green w/ White Splatter Variant vinyl

33 Neon Lime Green w/ OBI vinyl 33 Spring Green w/ White Splatter w/ OBI vinyl

Only 7 of 10 original test pressings available

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