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Apathy Featuring Celph Titled - Todd McFarlane (Produced by Playa Haze) (Music Video)

Connecticut's own Apathy (Willimantic, CT Emcee, Producer, Shore Life and member of Army of The Pharaohs/Demigodz) has been a problem lyrically wasting no lines and also on production for a long time. I recall the HipHopSite days of buying his music on CD with the bonus goodies they offered like the early project "Where's Your Album?!!" with "It's The Bootleg, Muthaf--kas! Vol. One". In his career no matter the highs and lows expressed adjustments were made to persevere when necessary like becoming licensed in real estate to add to his repertoire. Apathy's consistency in maintaining success with music is evident again and again. Have you heard his 2022 album King of God. No Second? My Goodness! You should if you haven't yet. The upcoming album Connecticut Casual: Chapter 2 is soon to come and on March 13, 2024 the first single "Todd McFarlane" (Mixed and Mastered by Apathy) was released with a feature from the BARrage heavy fellow Demigodz family member and deadly duo when they rock together Celph Titled aka The Rubix Cuban (born/raised in Tampa, FL.).

The evening of March 14, 2024 we get the premiere of the music video for "Todd McFarlane" (Directed by Jackson Wheeler & Pardon My Vision/Edited by Creative Konnection). These visuals are complimenting the menacing track to the tee that Gold Chain Music member Playa Haze (Riverside, CA) produced evoking the horrific atmosphere that Venom emanates by leaving no element of darkness and fear unturned for Apathy and Celph Titled to assault. "Todd McFarlane" displays in similar fashion of past songs together what we love to hear by them throughout the years. These two never miss a step as the chorus reminds us through an analogy of the alien symbiote Venom's characteristics and behavior. "Catch me blacked out like Venom. Black hat black hoodie black denim. They don't understand until it hit'em. It's murder on my mind and now I come to get'em." Visuals intertwine between the inside of a house and a fitting comic book store setting showcasing iconic characters Venom and Spider-Man that played a pivotal role in Todd McFarlane's early career.

Watch and Listen below.

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