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14KT - KGM RMX Vol. 6 (Album)

This morning on public transportation I was vibing repeatedly through my earphones to yesterday's teaser remix of A Tribe Called Quest's "God Lives Through" from Ypsilanti's (Michigan) own 14KT (Karat Gold Music). I was anticipating hearing the entire song once it would drop as he indicated, so I shared his IG post on my Facebook page. Just over an hour ago I see a Bandcamp notification for a new 14KT album released today (March 20, 2024). I click on the notification and what do my eyes witness from this long time fan of his and the Michigan group he reps Athletic Mic League, but a remix album! Yes!!! KGM RMX VOl. 6 IS HERE!!! And you already know what song is on it! Plus he blessed us with the instrumental versions of all the remixes! You won't be disappointed at 14KT showcasing his love of genres with his defining signature production. I'll let 14KT take it from here.

"Remixing for me is like exercising - shooting in the gym. I just allow myself to groove in different styles and go wherever the music takes me creatively. It could be a new or older jam that will inspire me to turn on my equipment and time travel. Many of these are songs I was asked to remix or a song I was vibing with in the studio in that moment.

Here's the sixth edition of remixes from the Karat Gold Music vault!

This one features remixes + instrumentals for: Pusha T | A Tribe Called Quest | Little Sims | Victoria Monet | Babyface Ray| Redman | De La Soul | DJ Assault | Royce 5'9"

Listen, Share and Support below.

1.Slum Village "Fantastic Intro" [14KT RMX] 02:12

2.Pusha T "Call My Bluff" [14KT RMX] 03:06

3.Little Simz "Gorilla" [14KT RMX] 03:07

4.A Tribe Called Quest "God Lives Through" 04:22

5.Babyface Ray "Family over Money" [14KT RMX] 03:16

6.Royce 59 "Politics" ft. Ceelo Green [14KT RMX] 03:21

7.De La Soul "Trying People" [14KT RMX] 04:03

8.Victoria Monet "Party Girls" [14KT RMX] 03:51

9.DJ Assault "Bangapella" [14KT 313 Day RMX] 02:00

10.Redman "Funkorama" [14KT RMX] 02:43

11.Fantastic Intro instr [14KT RMX] 01:22

12.Call My Bluff instr [14KT RMX] 03:07

13.Gorilla instr [14KT RMX] 03:21

14.God Lives Through instr [14KT RMX] 04:22

15.Family over Money instr [14KT RMX] 03:16

16.Politics instr [14KT RMX] 04:15

17.Trying People instr [14KT RMX] 04:08

18.Party Girls instr [14KT RMX] 03:53

19.Bangapella instr [14KT RMX] 02:00

20.Funkorama instr [14KT RMX] 02:42

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