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Westside Gunn & MF Doom - Westside Doom (JRAMACYDE Remixes)

Westside Gunn and MF Doom's collaboration project Westside Doom blessed our ears over Daringer and Alchemist production. What many did not know prior to its release was the inclusion of acapellas for the songs. With no hesitation many producers provided their own renditions of the songs once they got hold of the vocals. Plenty of standouts I put on repeat, while others were one and done. October 20, 2021, we have a new addition to the Westside Doom remixes worthy for your ears by Rockford, IL Producer, JRAMACYDE. To provide even more interest in his production he included a bonus track/remix of "Dr. Birds" to the EP as well.

Listen and share all three tracks below or at this link.

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