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Uptown XO - Culture Over Corporate Vol. 3 (Produced by Oddisee) (Album)

Washington, D.C. will always be known for Go Go music, as Hip Hop music continues to show the various styles presented from the city as well. DC's Uptown XO (of Diamond District_1Force United_EALU (EverybodyAintLikeUs)) is on a mission to embrace inspiration, storytelling, Black culture, Hip Hop culture, the ever changing DC area, family, friends, inner-city community all meshed with life coming up in his hometown DMV area. His Culture Over Corporate album series brings the Diamond District emcee to his calling and then some while reaching our ears and minds.

Volume one produced by Drew Dave (Prince George's County, MD by-way-of Alexandria, VA) initiated the direction. Then on Volume two produced by Kev Brown (Landover, MD_Low Budget Crew) immersed us further. On May 31, 2021, Volume three produced by fellow Diamond District brother, Oddisee arrived to the world making it the first time these two have worked together on an entire album since the last Diamond District project. It's been a long time, yet fear not as the sound we are eager to hear from Oddisee on production and Uptown XO's vocal influence to the listeners all while complimenting each other's talents once again is the shining grace. Support from DMV's skilled appearances comes by way of Tragyk (Washington, D.C.), yU (Diamond District_The1978ers, the Remainz Crew), DJ Alizay (Washington, D.C.), Devin Messina (Washington, D.C.), DB (of UCB), Oddisee (Brooklyn, N.Y. by-way-of Washington, D.C._Diamond District), MaseratiBlacc (Washington, D.C. by-way-of Prince George's County, MD), Solo, and U Street Face/U St. Face. The love of Hip Hop and our people flourishes on Culture Over Corporate Volume Three.

Listen, share and support below.

Front cover by SP (1 of 1 Experience).

Back cover photography by Virginia-based artist Mala Esoteric.

Be sure to check the visuals for "The Great Debate" featuring Oddisee below as well.

Merchandise can be purchased at Uptown XO's website Culture Over Corporate...HERE

1. IM HOME 03:29

3. DREAMS 02:34

7. LAST DAYS 02:20

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