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UFO Fev & Vanderslice featuring Flee Lord - Crack Shifts (Produced by Vanderslice & Green Steez)

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Did you see this collaboration of UFO Fev and Vanderslice coming? We sure didn't. The East Harlem, N.Y. Emcee has been on a tear through tracks, guest features and his solo albums. Calling Phoenixville, PA home is the Producer, Vanderslice (War Machine Music, Inc.) who makes nothing short of thumping hard hitting tracks. Their first single "Crack Shifts" has UFO Fev flow on a terrifying dark back alley vibe track by Vanderslice and his partner in production Green Steez (Niles/Chicago, IL_War Machine Music, Inc.). Then fellow Manhattan-residing Emcee, Flee Lord (L.E.S. by-way-of Far Rockaway, Queens_Lord Mobb) puts in work on the next shift as the guest feature. Expect the music video to drop soon for "Crack Shifts", which is off the upcoming album Enigma of Dali.

Vocals mixed, mastered and recorded by Andrew Krivonos at Brewery Recording Studio, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Track mixed and mastered by Scott Stallone at Found Sound Recording, Philadelphia, PA

Artwork by Frank DeMaria

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