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The Village - "Window Seat"/"Children of the Sun" (Music Videos)

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Albums that personify feelings we get from the good times in life come along in scarcity. The Texas trio of Sean Lexima (Emcee), Shaad Rogers (Emcee) and Keelon Donnel (Producer) make up the slept on talented group known as The Village. Here at HHDG Media we first spoke of the group in 2020 when Sean Lexima released Coach Lex. Overall each member has exceptional solo work that can be found on Aesthetic Noisiv website...HERE and equally defining group projects on Spotify...HERE All of which is recommended listening to fully encompass the statement "The Niggas in the South ain't change. We still got something to say." Together The Village invoke those aforementioned feelings with their stellar beginning to end 2022 album Summers In The South. Like I mentioned during their interview on HHDG Media is how well the album sonically flows so cohesively, similar to the highly touted Outkast album Aquemini.

The Houston, Tyler, Lufkin and Dallas reppin' group released two visuals from their southern summer vibed out album. The most recent (6/12/22) being "Window Seat" while dropping verses further exemplified in a classic BMW E30 and showcasing their AstroHop and Summers In The South merchandise. Which can be purchased...HERE On the May 2022 release of the video "Children of the Sun" the summertime atmosphere continues on in a different scenario. A gathering with family and friends, along with the universally known game of dominos.

Watch and share the music videos below and then continue the summer season with their album Summers In The South.

Both videos are filmed and edited by keefeshotit (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Well.Focused.Photography)

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