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Supreme Cerebral & Reckonize Real - Gold Chain Warrior (Produced by Reckonize Real) (Album)

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

2020 brought plenty of good and great music to put on repeat and those will stand the test of time. Supreme Cerebral aka Bugzy Nino (Los Angeles, CA Emcee_Gold Chain Music_The Dart Unit) is one such artist that has consistently released bangers with an aggressive no holds barred style. Last year he added three non-skippable albums in Soul Trained (Produced by D.Mar), Loose Change and Ultimate Mind to his catalogue which should not be dismissed. Queens, N.Y. Producer, Reckonize Real (Real Deff Music Group) continued to make a name for himself with his production talents on the 2020 notable albums like The Smoke (with The Bad Seed), Broken Kings (collaboration with E-Fluent), Savageland (accompanied by Weapon E.S.P. and Ghost of the Machine) and Audio Murals (along side Mayhem (of EMS)).

March 9, 2021, Supreme Cerebral and Reckonize Real combined their talents in creating the album Gold Chain Warrior. Off the first track you will distinguish a sound from Reck Real we are not accustomed to hearing the left coast lyricist marvel over. Let this be a lesson that a true warrior can conquer any terrain. Reckonize Real manipulates samples and sounds to create special music drum or drum-less that has songs play to your audio entertainment akin to movie scenes so smoothly. Bugzy Nino's style on the mic is the weak need not be mentioned nor live here, so come check these swift and powerful bars each and every time from "The Best". Immediately upon hearing the lyrics and production you know the versatility is vibrantly known with the tandem of Supreme Cerebral and Reckonize Real. Along the warrior's path Antonia Marquee (Columbus, OH), Rasheed Chappell (NYC by-way-of Passaic, N.J._TRUST), John Robinson (Brooklyn, N.Y. by-way-of New Jersey_Scienz of Life_Beatvizion_CodeScty_epicBRUNCH), Eloh Kush (New Brunswick, N.J._Angelz Inc.), Planet Asia (Fresno, CA_Gold Chain Music), DJ Grazzhoppa (Gent, Germany), Ice Lord (Orlando, FL. by-way-of Cleveland, OH), O The Great (Port Chester, N.Y._Alpha Magneto), Alphabetic (Port Chester, N.Y._Alpha Magneto) and XP The Marxman (Los Angeles, CA_Mijo Music Records) strategically make guest features. The Gold Chain Warrior is up for any challenge with audio progression and aims to delivery well past expectations.

Recorded by Ben Kanselbaum (Except "Culture/Freedom") at SSP Studios.

Mixed by FM Producer.

Listen, share and support below. Digital and CD versions are available at Supreme Cerebral's Bandcamp site...HERE

UPDATE (2023): Supreme Cerebral's first independently pressed vinyl (OBI, Non-OBI and Test Press) with three bonus tracks through his own company are now available HERE shipping ASAP

4. The Best 02:31

7. Art Of War 02:36

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