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Storm Watkins - Ascending (Instrumental Album)

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

The always consistently Baltimore, MD Producer, Storm Watkins (Co-Founder of All Gold Kings (AGK)) making it known for releasing talented works of music continues on with the March 4, 2022 release Ascending. This is just after releasing last month's collaboration with fellow All Gold Kings (AGK) member, Mista Batts (All Gold Kings (AGK)_B.O.S.S. Records) on the slept-on Therapeutic Music album. Listen, share and support below.

Also check the rest of Storm Watkins discography on Bandcamp...HERE

1.Rise 01:01

2.Lavender 01:25

3.On The Spot 02:05

4.3 Stacks 02:04

6.Be Great 02:04

9.Lick a Shot 01:19

10.Helpless 01:37

11.Movies 02:00

13.In Day 02:58

14.Regrouping 01:47

15.Oooooo 01:09

16.Guess Who 01:58

17.Just Us 02:11

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