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Spotless Mindz Gives Us - "The Care Package"

2020 is a different year for America with COVID, a childlike 'leader' , and poli-Trickians- Tricking. However, a change will come over today as today is Election Day and HHDG's own Spotless Mindz released their latest EP - The Care Package to assist us with this change, because they CARE! Care about the culture, the future of our children, and the music they put out.

"World Man Woman" is my favorite track off from this project, but I'm sure by next week I'll have another favorite. You can listen below and grab The Care Package from Spotless Mindz' Bandcamp...(here)

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Skelle Top
Skelle Top
03 Kas 2020

This joint is needed music for these times. #dope

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