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Smoovth & Giallo Point - Amongst Wolves (Produced by Giallo Point) (Album)

When Hempstead, Long Island and London, U.K. connect, expect your ears to be pleased every time. Smoovth (#TheWinners/Tha Connection) and Giallo Point (Crate Divizion) continue with yet another ill album to add into their discography with Amongst Wolves, released February 22, 2021. Joining these two across the album are features by Asun Eastwood (Toronto, Canada_TOMA), Rigz (Rochester, N.Y._Da Cloth), Hus Kingpin (Los Angeles, Ca by-way-of Hempstead, Long Island_#TheWinners_Tha Connection), Big Twins (Charlotte, N. Carolina by-way-of Queensbridge, N.Y._Infamous Mobb/IM3), Eddie Kaine (Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, N.Y._The Walkers) and Rim (Brownsville, Brooklyn, N.Y._Da Villins_The Walkers). Artwork by Dani (London, U.K.)

Listen/Share below and support at Apple Music

Digital version available at Apple Music...HERE

Streaming at Spotify...HERE

Vinyl (Black, Brown, Mint Green, Blue & Purple Swirl and OBI Black) will be available for pre-order on Friday, February 26, 2021, via Copenhagen Crates at 3PM (EST)/9pm (CET/CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME)/8PM London...HERE

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