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Shoe Gang (formerly Horseshoe Gang) - Music To Riot To (EP)

The blood brothers of KXNG Crooked (Crooked I)(C.O.B. (Circle of Bosses)) have shown the family are all lyrically skilled throughout the years. On November 20, 2020, the Long Beach, CA emcees of Shoe Gang (formerly named Horseshoe Gang)(comprised of Demetrius Capone, Julius Luciano, Kenny Siegel, and Andrew 'Dice' Dinero)(C.O.B.) released their new EP Music To Riot To. This wouldn't be a family affair or should I say Family Bvsiness (KXNG Crooked & Shoe Gang) without their brother KXNG Crooked featured on two tracks. Detroit, MI Producer Dizz aka My Brother Dizz (member of Dizz&L.Y._C.O.B. _Alien Gang) known for handling KXNG Crooked's "Weekly Series 2019" produced most of the EP, along with two tracks by Aktive (who consistently works with C.O.B. artists) and one by Eminem. Below you can watch the music videos for "Blvck Mirror" (Produced by Dizz) and "Liquor Store Church" (Produced by Eminem), then listen, share and support the Music To Riot To (Spotify/Apple Music) below as well. All things Shoe Gang from merchandise to music can be found HERE.

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