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S.I.T.H. (Sickin Thehead) - Livewires & Sparkplugs (Produced by Kyo Itachi)

Years back Kool Kim of The U.M.C.'s put me on to the young talented Emcee from Staten Island, N.Y. known as S.I.T.H. (Sickin Thehead). Throughout the years he has released standout songs like the 2012 track "Nothing To See", "The Spirit of K.G.R." (2014), "Meth Music" (Produced by Drematic)(2017), "Joe Biden Delete My Instagram" (2020), "Oxymorons" (2021) with iNTeLL and 8ighty8 along with his own project Doctor-Patient EP (2013). S.I.T.H. has also made features like "Sound Solution" with EOM (Elements of Music)(Los Angeles, CA Producer by-way-of Virginia) and his 2021 appearance on 2nd Generation WU's (iNTell, Pxwer and Sun God) album Hereditary to name a few.

Continuing in 2021, the Shaolin artist drops the new song with visuals titled "Livewires & Sparkplugs" produced by French beatsmith, Kyo Itachi (Le Blanc-Mesnil, France_Owner of Shinigamie Records) surging with S.I.T.H.'s conducting lyricism. Kyo Itachi continues his barrage of thumping production for U.S. emcees. These two are no strangers to working together as heard on previous Kyo Itachi albums Zatoichi and Wanted.

The music video is shot by FilmsForGrim and edited by D1C3 VISUALS

Watch, listen and share below.

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