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Rome Streetz & Farma Beats - Kontraband (Album) (Produced by Farma Beats)

The first time Brooklyn Emcee, Rome Streetz (Bad Influenyce) and London, U.K. Producer, Farma Beats aka Farma G aka Alien Grey (of Task Force) created an album was the 2018 banger Street Farmacy. On November 18, 2020, Rome Streetz celebrates his birthday with the new album Kontraband. Farma Beats produced the entire album with Daniel Son (Toronto, Canada_Brown Bag Money), Radamiz (Brooklyn, N.Y._Mogul Club) and Ransom (Jersey CIty, N.J.) lending their lyrical talents.

Listen to the first track "Track marks" below.

Digital and CD versions are exclusively available at Rome Streetz Bandcamp site...HERE.

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