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Rome Streetz & Ankhlejohn - GENESIS 1​:​27 (Produced by Rare Scrilla & Chop La Rok) (Album)

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Two of the hottest emcees in recent years coming out of their respective areas of Washington, D.C. and Brooklyn, N.Y. are Ankhlejohn (Emcee/Producer/Audio Engineer/Label Owner of Shaap Records) and Rome Streetz (The Walkers_Bad Influenyce). One of their past collaborations to incite the exuberant thoughts "They need to make a project together!" is the 2019 track "Paul Janssen" off Ankhlejohn's August 2019 album Reign Supreme. (Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Ankhlejohn_dedicated to his son, Reign Supreme Tucker). The first time Ankhlejohn and Rome Streetz collaborated with Rare Scrilla on the same album is in 2020 for Sound Money. The album guest featured the ill artists on individual tracks with production that captured audio from the crypto world. Rare Scrilla (Washington, D.C., Arlington, VA_Artist_Illustrator_DJ_Guns-N-Butter) and Chop La Rok (Washington, D.C._Guns-N-Butter) are the production duo known as Guns-N-Butter, who showed off their abilities on the June 1, 2021 released album GENESIS 1:27 for every song. Finally hearing both dope emcees for an entire album was already the hype needed and Guns-N-Butter solidified the sound for them to expelled their ferociousness lyrically. Check their Raise The Hammer series as well.

With no features (none needed really) the focus surrounds Ankhlejohn and Rome Streetz as they demolish all content given to us fans. Rare Scrilla and Chop La Rok deserve their praise for providing unique sounds that each lyricist would make their creator proud of. Starting from the ground on up has proven to be the chemistry in creating memorable albums like GENESIS 1:27. I truly hope this beginning is merely the miniscule steps of more music among the four men that linked up with a similar interest in Bitcoin.

GENESIS 1:27 "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."

Listen, share and support below. (Vinyl details coming soon)

Also, check the music videos for "Vyrus Life" and "Stovetop Serenade" below.

Mixed by Mister Wise at Depth Charge in Alexandria VA

Art by Rare Scrilla

2. Kings 03:31

4. By My Side 03:02

5. Vyrus Life 03:10

6. Trap Yoga 02:52

8. His Image 02:40

9. 100 To 1 02:22

10. Gold Slugz 04:46


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