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Revalation (EMS) & GoD iLLa featuring DJ Flipcyide - Wu Wednesday (Produced by Tecknowledgy)

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

New England Hip Hop is at it again! There are times in life when people who always build off their similar skills are at their best when together. EMS member Rev aka Revalation (New Bedford, MA by-way-of Bronx, N.Y.) and GoD iLLa (Clinton, MA by-way-of Philly, PA) are prime examples when they joined forces once again. It's like they didn't miss a step since the Mic Murderers days.

Their first single "Wu Wednesday" in true Wu-Tang Clan fashion displays the influence and appreciation through their rhymes. WTC content is easily recognizable through lyrical imagery by GoD iLLa and Revalation after a RZA intro. Clearly sword-slinging on "Wu Wednesday", the New England spitters show respect for the nine-member group and also themselves with crafty wordplay. Even Tecknowledgy's (Providence, Rhode Island) production is a trail of the clansmen's worldwide love with those keys and vocal sample bringing Wu's nostalgia. To make Revalation, GoD iLLa and Tecknowledgy come full circle is the defining Method Man and RZA scratch hook by Wu-Tang affiliate, DJ Flipcyide (Las Vegas, NV_Hell Razah Music Inc. Records). Throw your W up!

Mixed and mastered by Quiz.

Expect the album RevILLutionAries on April 30, 2021.

Listen, share and support below.

"Wu Wednesday" is available at many digital sites...HERE

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