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Relly Rellz - ARC II (Album)

Yonkers, N.Y. is widely known for artists like Mary J. Blige, The LOX, Ella Fitzgerald, DMX and more throughout history. Those mentioned provided a variety of flavor in the various genres of music. The YO Emcee, Relly Rellz (Manga Wear) debut album #Number24 was released four years ago and he followed that up with the December 2019 album Lyrical Manga. In 2020 he released a series of songs like "Mindless" and "32". Relly Rellz steps into the new year providing more diversity the city can bring to the music world with his Naruto, Dragon Ball, Anime and Manga infused album ARC II, released February 9, 2021. The album featured Yonkers native and frequent collaborator, Hubbcee, Detroit's Noveliss (of Clear Soul Forces), Monte and Schmooe. Production is by Kelly Portis, Outspoken (Las Vegas, NV), PK, Sedivi, IDS, and Homage.

Listen, share, support below and available digitally at major DSP sites...HERE

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