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Raz Fresco & Futurewave - Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen (Album) (Produced by Futurewave)

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Two of Toronto's own Raz Fresco (Emcee, Producer and member of BKRSCLB) and Futurewave (Producer_Audio Engineer) combined to create Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen released November 6, 2020. The album is produced entirely by Futurewave. Daniel Son (Toronto_Brown Bag Money), Saipher Soze (Toronto), Asun Eastwood (Toronto) and Estee Nack (Lynn, MA_member of Tragic Allies) all come through with guest verses. Listen to these tracks "Dead Planet", "Black Baby Jesus" featuring Daniel Son, and "James Bond Gold Medal" featuring Asun Eastwood below. Artwork by Chris B. Murray

Vinyl soldout fast after 3:00AM (EST) November 6th, via German label, FXCK RXP. CDs are available at Futurewave's website wavgodmusic...HERE.

Cassettes soldout at Futurewave's website wavgodmusic.

1. Dead Planet 02:41

2. Selling Dreams To Sleepers 01:32

3. Marvellously MC 02:14

4. Black Baby Jesus featuring DANIEL SON 02:18

5. WW3 featuring SAIPHER SOZE 02:42

6. Gorgeous Gortex 01:37

7. Ironman Posture 02:43

8. How 2 Eat 2 Live 02:13

9. Solar Flame 01:37

10. Big Bird featuring DANIEL SON 02:52

11. James Bond Gold Medal featuring ASUN EASTWOOD 02:39

12. God Is Better featuring ESTEE NACK 02:07

13. Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen 02:09

14. Mystery God [Physical Bonus Track]

15. Dollar Bill Mafia [Physical Bonus Track]



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