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Patty Honcho & Numbz featuring KnowItAll - Don't Tell Me How To Make My Album (Prod. by Numbz)

Thanks to the grace of discovering music and a worthy discography by BlaQ Chidori aka GOD MC (Williamsburg, VA Emcee_Producer) the six degrees of separation spread out to more quality individuals in Hip Hop from multiple states with emceeing and production skills. Three notables on the new song and first single "Don't Tell Me How To Make My Album" are Patty Honcho (Paterson/Weehawken, N. J.), Numbz (New Jersey_Numbz Music) with the feature by KNOWITALL (Queens, N.Y.). The title is straight forward as Patty Honcho

and KNOWITALL let you know they can do as they like boldly. Artists can definitely relate as there is a fine line between telling someone and providing insight in your creation of music.

Listen, share and support below.

Until the album drops on its projected date of June 24, 2022, continue allowing your ears to decipher "Don't Tell Me How To Make My Album".

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