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"On The Road Again: 25 Essential Tips For International Touring" by Dwayne "Venomous2000" Sheppard

After reading multiple times since receiving Passaic, N.J. Author, Emcee, Educator, Photographer and Multimedia extraordinaire (V2G Multimedia Services) Dwayne "Venomous2000" Sheppard book "On The Road Again: 25 Essential Tips For International Touring" the word "essential" also in the title is as stated. This is essentially a guide (Bible beginnings) that has never been spoken precisely like this to aid future and current Hip Hop artists touring abroad (beneficial within your own country as well). I'm sure most just give tips and pointers of a few key points you speak of. Yet never a concise and thorough approach from personal travels like this. Many can learn, prepare and remain proactive before and during their tour. The logistics spoken are a vital component. You know how they have seminars and workshops now on music business relating to contracts, promotion and marketing oneself? This book is the educational tool many can utilize to not fall victim to negative outcomes explained here. Even as a person that's not an emcee I learned from reading this. Containing aspects beneficial to me being a tourist in another country. This was a well thought out book. I'm sure Venomous2000 has more to expand on, yet this book really covered all basis and is a precursor to workshops, seminars and your own testimonials given available pages to write directly within the book.

Thank you for writing, publishing and providing guidance for others in music and beyond.

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