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Nejma Nefertiti - The Valley of the Queens (EP) (Produced by Mohamed Malek)

Brooklyn's own Nejma Nefertiti (Emcee, Activist, Sound Designer, Natural Perfumer, Clothing Designer) has been about Hip Hop culture, consciousness and awareness from the start of her career. Upon initially hearing her new EP, The Valley of the Queens, released March 26, 2021, you know Nejma is seasoned beyond her age in lyricism with a boisterous delivery. The EP is produced by Mohamed Malek (Alexandria, Egypt by-way-of Toshka, Aswan, Egypt) fully complimenting Nejma Nefertiti's style. The lone guest appearance comes from Brooklyn-residing emcee, Napoleon Da Legend (by-way-of Washington, D.C. via Comoros Islands and Paris, France) who put me on to Nejma through his own music in recent years. Music is a powerful tool that Nejma Nefertiti effortlessly utilizes on The Valley of the Queens.

Mixed and Mastered by MR BoDa (Egypt)

Recorded at Star Temple Studios, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Cover art by Maure Om (Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela) for RAIZ AUDIOVISUAL

Listen, share and purchase below.

Digital and clear 7" Vinyl is available at Nejma Nefertiti Bandcamp site...HERE

Clear 7" Vinyl is available at the U.K. label, Chopped Herring Records...HERE

Side A: A1 The Valley of the Queens A2 Mary Magdalene

Side B:

B1 Pasta Sauce B2 5 Element Ninja ft. Napoleon Da Legend

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