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Nas - King's Cure Mixtape (Various Songs from the King's Disease series reimagined by DJ JS-1)

DJ's at the forefront of having that ear for music, breaking new records and also reinvention of originals we know so well to make something refreshingly new remains. All while continuously rocking crowds, radio shows, mixtapes, battle scenes and more always stands the test of time. Many have elevated their skills of mixing, cuts, scratches, blends by putting in the work of practicing and also added "Producer" to their arsenal. One who has done this and so much more is Queens (College Point), N.Y. own DJ JS-1 aka JERMS, who allows us to delve into his mind of creativity for the new Nas "King's Cure Mixtape" (November 28, 2022) spanning throughout the "King's Disease" series. This mixtape is the epitome of what the skills contained in a talented DJ do. DJ JS-1 has made a career of his visions becoming dope music like this (check his catalog). I'll let the Rock Steady Crew member do the rest of the talking with his words and hands...

"Nas King’s Cure. New mixtape! Here is 16 new Nas blends I just finished up.

I took various songs from KD, KD2, and KD3 and put them with beats that fit the vibe I like. I changed the sequencing on a few songs, left out some parts and added others. Of course there is a bunch of scratches and sound fx.

This is what DJs do. This is how I hear these songs.

This is up on youtube, mixcloud, and you can get each track individually on my bandcamp page.

Enjoy " - DJ JS-1

"This mixtape is 16 mashups / blends by DJ JS-1 consisting of songs from Nas's new albums series, KD, KD2, and KD3. It's Nas's vocals mixed with beats by DJ Premier, Large Pro, Pete Rock and more. There is some new song sequencing, additional scratches and sound fx. This is what a Dj does. We take music we love and reimagine it to how we hear it. This is how I heard these Nas songs as the soundtrack to my home town of Queens, NYC. Which ones are you favorites? Please share this with other who might like and appreciate all the work that goes into making this. Thanks." - DJ JS-1

"So, I like the KD series. KD3 is by far the better one. However, I still prefer a different vibe and that’s what I tried to do with this. Everyone can enjoy his new albums and also appreciate this one, with a different vibe. Plus scratches! lol " - DJ JS-1

Listen, share and support below or go directly to the links provided.

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