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Mr.Mumblz - Saboteur (Produced by Mr.Mumblz) (Album)

Well known DJ's have become great producers in Hip Hop and still showoff their routines, cutting, scratching, transitions, flares in their music or mixes. Rochester, N.Y. DJ and Producer, Mr.Mumblz is no newcomer to all mentioned as he has been in many DJ battles (ITF, Guitar Center, etc.) to show what those hours a day of practice was meant for. Calling home for production is his SP-404 for well over a decade. Mr.Mumblz new opus Saboteur displays his production skills with a process that only involves his SP. No other equipment or computers, recorded directly from his Roland machine. Bringing in two emcees that can do damage on the mic and we know quite well are Ankhlejohn (Emcee/Producer/Audio Engineer/Label Owner of Shaap Records) and Daniel Son (Toronto, Canada_Brown Bag Money). Witness how the beatsmith Mr.Mumblz creates audio cinema through his experience on the SP as only a Saboteur can.

Listen, share and purchase (free or pay as you like) below. (Vinyl coming soon!)

1. Golden Harvest (intro) 2. 0 and 6 (featuring Ankhlejohn) .18 3. No Place to Hide 1.55 4. Snake Eyes (featuring Daniel Son) 2.43 5. Steps to Perfection 3.45 6. Never Come Close (featuring Ankhlejohn) 5.12 7. Final Hours 6.43 8. Kiss of Death (featuring Daniel Son) 8.21 9. Top Gun 9.28 10. Vanishing Point (featuring Ankhlejohn). 10.36 Secret Song at 13.00 (till we meet again, sincerely Mummz)

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